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Certificate of Sworn Translator

Code of Sworn Translator, admission to the Association of Sworn Translator is conditional upon companies agreeing to adopt and abide by this Code of Sworn Translator, as evidenced by a signed declaration to this effect by the prospective member’s owner, director or a nominated senior representative. Breaches shall be referred to the Association’s Ethics Committee, whose decisions shall be final.

Member companies shall only supply translations that have been prepared by competent Sworn Translators with appropriate qualifications and experience. Similarly interpreting services shall only be supplied using competent interpreters with appropriate qualifications and experience. Sworn Translator shall supply all language services to a correspondingly high standard that are fit for purpose.

Sworn translator in Jakarta shall make every effort to check the accuracy of a translation before delivering the final version to the client, and shall inform the client of any linguistic or other technical concerns which the client might need to know about.

Sworn translator in Jakarta shall make every effort only to supply interpreters whose qualifications and experience meet the standards requested by the client and Code of Sworn Translator, or when this proves impossible, the client shall be informed before the assignment takes place.

Sworn translator in Jakarta shall make every effort to gain accreditation to the ISO or national standard appropriate to the service in question, or conform to same standard in default of such accreditation and Code of Sworn Translator.

It is recommended that Sworn translator in Jakarta shall offer their services in accordance with the written Terms and Conditions of Trading that must be explicitly drawn to a client’s attention in advance of the commencement of an assignment.

Sworn Translator must carry Sworn Translator Indemnity insurance cover to a level recommended by the Association, or as agreed with the client, for all their work.

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