The Unknown Perks of Being a Translator


The Perks of Being a Translator


Language is one of the tools used by people for communication in written and oral form. In fact, there are so many languages in this world, such as the languages applied in some communities, and the languages approved as the international languages. However, it is impossible if we try to comprehend all languages in order to get information. One of the ways to understand those languages is we need some people who are skillful in translating those languages into a target language. However, doing a translation is not as easy as we think.

Translating is not only changing the words after looking up the dictionary, but also choosing the words that are suitable and have the exact meaning with a context explained. Translating also needs the accuracy in re-explaining a source language so that the gist or the main point of a source language does not change although a language form is different.

In making a good translation, there are some aspects that need to be noticed and learned as the translator. Translators should have adequate knowledge of a source language. Knowledge of a source language means the translator should have the mastery in the language components a source language such as, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc. Then, translator should have good competence in writing. By doing the practice in writing, translator will be able to translate any files with interesting and understandable style of writing. Knowing a lot of vocabulary is another aspect for translator to make a good translation.

Besides knowing a lot of vocabulary, translators have to know the meaning of words accurately, so when they are asked to translate, they can use various and appropriate vocabulary without changing the main point of a source language. To enhance vocabulary knowledge, translators need to read a lot of books of a source and target language, and find the meaning of unfamiliar words. From this, we can say that being a translator is very challenging since there are some requirements that have to be fulfilled. Although it is challenging, translation is needed by many work fields because not all people can understand documents or files stated in a source language, so they need translators to translate or interpret them to a target language.

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