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Translation of documents concerning legal issues requires that the translation be carried out by sworn translators, for example laws, government regulations, birth certificates, company establishments, agreements, personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, etc., legal documents in three groups:

1. Documents that are prescriptive are documents in the form of rules, norms, such as laws, regulations, and contracts, international agreements, etc.

2. Mixed documents are texts that contain descriptive as well as prescriptive parts. This can be seen in the texts of lawsuits, appeals, court decisions, etc.

3. Documents that are purely descriptive in nature are the writings of legal experts such as legal opinions, legal textbooks, and articles on law. The first two groups contain legal instruments used in legal proceedings, while the third group is not legal instruments even though they have an indirect impact on the law.

The translation of legal documents is a long-standing and most important field in the world since the Bible and other religious commandments were translated from the source language to the target language. However, the translation of legal documents is not given much attention in both legal studies and translation studies. Recently, as a result of the increased mobility of goods and people, the translation of legal documents has had a major impact on legal developments. The translation of legal documents plays an important role because many cases involve foreigners, both in the civil and criminal fields.

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